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"The value makes sense! I'm down for another month, or can you do 3 or 6?"
- Anthony from Indie Worldwide

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- Ophir from Furlough

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My community hasn't launched yet, is that OK?
Please submit your community after you have 10+ founding members in it

Can I submit someone else's community?
Yes, that is welcome and appreciated!

Can I submit a paid community?
Yes, as long as your community has a landing page and you select the "paid" feature when submitting it.

Does the online community need to be on a platform like Reddit/Slack, or can it be a standalone website?
Online communities on any platform (or no platform) are both allowed to be listed.

Can I buy a promotion on 2 topic pages?

Can I buy both Gold and run a promotion?

Can my community platform/tool/business sponsor the site?
Yes, read more about the site sponsorship here.

How much traffic will I get?
Check out the traffic estimates.

Any other questions?
Send an email and get in touch!