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Hacker Cabin is a Discord Server for Business Owners, Founders, Travelers, Programmers, Indie Hackers, and Remote Workers with roughly 50 members. It uses a forum format for communication.

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Limited to 200 members, the community has small groups (cabins) meeting on Discord for 30 minutes to an hour. These groups consist of members with diverse expertise, providing a platform for valuable support, help, and feedback. The discussions within these groups revolve around members' goals, successes or struggles, current needs for assistance, and reflections on their weekly endeavors.

On Discord
Established 2023
50 Members

Community Reviews

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the continual push and support I get from this community. Without you, I would not have launched so quickly.
- Damien
This has quickly become my favourite Discord community.
- Alberto
Simon's Hacker Cabin is by far the best small community I've been part of.
- Nikita
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This community has a forum


This community requires an application to join


This community has discounts and perks for its members (potentially for a cost)


This community hosts offline events and meetups


This community has an email newsletter of related content


This community has a paid membership level

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