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Hacker Cabin is an online community for Business Owners, Founders, Travelers, Indie Hackers, Outdoors, and Remote Workers with roughly 50 members. It uses a forum format for communication.

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Hacker Cabin is the community for remote workers, digital nomads and bootstrapped founders who are living life on their own terms. At Hacker Cabin we love to learn and be inspired by what members are sharing - but there's no pressure. We've created a welcoming space where members can easily share what they want, when they want. See the world 'virtually' and get inspired as members share their digital nomading setups and experiences. Individuals at all stages of their journey are welcome. Designers and developers. Coders and no-coders.

Established 2023
50 Members

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Community Reviews

A brilliant community to be part of, you really feel like you are part of something!
- Lydia
Simon, the founder, goes above and beyond to keep this community a healthy, helpful, and fun place
- Dusan
Finally a place to build in public that isn't TWITTER! These people are the real deal, sharing their lives and their projects in a positive environment. Highly recommend!
- Jon
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