Submitted online communities need to:

  • Be found online at a publically accessible url
  • Have the features of an online community (all members are eligible to start and contribute to conversations)
  • Not promote NSFW or violent content

How to Submit

To submit an online community, please email with the following information:

  • Community name & URL
  • A short description of the community
  • Hive Index topics that you feel the community is most relevant for
  • Number of members, and features of the community (for all possible features, see any existing community page)
  • A url to a .png logo (if the community is not on an existing platform like Reddit or Slack)


Can I submit my own community?
Yes please!

Can I sponsor my listing to reach an even bigger audience?
Yes, read more about our partner program here.

Does the online community need to be on a platform like Reddit/Slack, or can it be a standalone website?
Online communities on any platform (or no platform) are both allowed to be listed.

What if the community has sub-communities?
If the community has a particular targeted userbase, it'll be more useful to submit the top-level community.
However, you can include certain information about the sub-communities in the description.

Any other questions?
Send an email and get in touch!