Grow Your Online Community

Why Submit your Community to the Hive Index?

The Hive Index is the destination of thousands of visitors a day who are looking for a community to join. It could be yours!

By listing your community, you are adding to this helpful resource and also growing your own membership base.

You can list for free, but if you would like to reach an even larger audience, learn about promotion opportunities.


Submitted online communities need to:
  • Be found online at a publically accessible url
  • Have at least 10 active members
  • Have some of the features of an online community (either chat/forum at a minimum)
  • Not promote NSFW or violent content

How to Submit

To submit an online community, please submit this form. You will need to include the following information:
  • Community name & URL
  • A short description of the community
  • Count members & year established
  • Hive Index topics that you feel the community is most relevant for
  • Number of members, and features of the community
  • A url to a .png logo

If you would like to reach an even larger audience for a fee, learn about promotion opportunities.


Can I submit my own community?
Yes please!

Can I sponsor my listing to reach an even bigger audience?
Yes, read more about our partner program here.

Does the online community need to be on a platform like Reddit/Slack, or can it be a standalone website?
Online communities on any platform (or no platform) are both allowed to be listed.

What if the community has sub-communities?
If the community has a particular targeted userbase, it'll be more useful to submit the top-level community.
However, you can include certain information about the sub-communities in the description.

Any other questions?
Send an email and get in touch!