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Furlough Community is a Discord Server for Marketers, Business Owners, Founders, SEO Specialists, BD Professionals, and Social Media Marketers with roughly 12K members. It has a live chat communication style.

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Discord’s best kept secret! The most collaborative entrepreneurship and digital marketing community out there. Furlough brings professionals, brands, businesses and startups together in one ecosystem. Furlough community was designed to help entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses to collaborate and support each other's growth. Best bits: Over 50+ Monthly events & panel discussions. Live voice channels for networking and collaborating. Connect with brands and showcase your skills Positive & supportive community culture

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A rare server. Rarely do you find entrepreneurial servers that are this active and helpful in regards to the people you will find on the server. A tier 1 spot and the only one of its kind for sure.
- Travis Garland
Finally a REAL community for marketers, by marketers! I was looking for a long time for a place just like this! Furlough really has it all and even more. Regardless of the experience or "job hat" you wear, when it comes to up-to-date knowledge sharing, huge amount of resources, experts and great people from all over the world - THIS IS THE PLACE. Super recommended for anyone in the digital and marketing arena who wants to collaborate with the coolest and brightest people and just grow!
- Tony Marcus
I joined the Furlough Community via Invitation on Acadium and I have to say, it was "one of the best" decisions I've taken in 2021 and overall, my entire life. Filled with Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Creative People from all walks of life, I have really found this community to be my happy place. A place where I can share my experiences and knowledge and feel it being reciprocated by other such individuals. From Marketing knowledge to an overall growth mindset, Furlough has enabled me to take control of my life and really own it! So thankful to Joe and to all the amazing individuals within the community who have worked tirelessly to create a positive, sharing, and caring environment that doesn't discriminate based on color, ethnicity, origins, etc!
- Zane Joseph James
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