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SalesHookup is an online community for Salespeople and BD Professionals with roughly 3K members. It has a live chat communication style.

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SalesHookup is a platform that matches B2B sales professionals for video networking sessions. Members use their sessions to solve their biggest sales challenges whilst building relationships with like-minded peers. Highlights - Members in 50 countries - Trusted by LinkedIn, Hubspot, Google, and more - Automated matching - Live video networking sessions - Personalised list of your matches

Established 2021
3K Members

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Great community for sales, business development and growth professionals to connect with others from the field to exchange ideas, share feedback or just to connect and chat. I've had a number of interesting conversations and expanded my network thanks to this community. I consider Sales Hookup to be a great place to meet people from the field and have an engaging conversations.
- Ivan
Great community for networking with other sales professionals.
- Nikola
If you're in sales and want to connect with like-minded, super helpful, kind humans, I'd totally recommend joining Sales HookUp. Once a week, you get paired with such a human from anywhere across the world and you get to learn, share, & grow together. I've had the privilege of meeting so many people who have helped me in so many ways, whether it was the practice of speaking to an absolute stranger and building rapport in 30 mins, or learning best practices, or getting referrals or new ideas, practicing pitches and getting reviews on your demos - whatever the case, you come out of it thinking 'dang, there truly are some good, solid people out there'. Come check it out & I look forward to catching ya!
- Thomas (Big T)
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