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StartupSauce is a Slack Group for Marketers, Founders, SaaS Founders, Programmers, Indie Hackers, and VCs with roughly 100 members. It has a live chat communication style.

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StartupSauce is an invite-only community for SaaS founders based outside Silicon Valley. Our members are founders doing $10K-80K MRR, and about 25% of the group are doing over $1m ARR. If you want to connect with other founders who play at your level, be part of regular mastermind calls, get recommendations on what software tools to use, or which Facebook ad agency to work with, or want to learn how to nail your next sales call (or build and manage a sales team!) then this is the community for you.

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Established 2018
100 Members

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First of all, joining this group as a new SaaS founder, has been the BEST thing I could have done for my business. Since the moment I joined I had a bunch of questions and the community came together to help me through my issues & weak points. From operating my business to selling it 2 years later. Made some great friends through this group, and really enjoy being part of this. Trust me, joining StartupSauce will elevate your business to new levels (this sounds like im the owner promoting my business, but it is truly the best community hahah). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
- Julien
This community was exactly what I needed! I always look forward to the weekly calls, and the input I get is invaluable, whether it's answers to questions I have, tips for best practices that actually work, or perspectives I didn't even know I was missing. It's like having an extensive board of advisors without having to give up equity or control to get one. Highly recommended!
- Martin

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