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Loqol Startup Community is a Discord Server for Technologists, Marketers, Business Owners, Founders, SEO Specialists, and Programmers with roughly 2K members. It has both a forum and a live chat communication style.

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The place for go-getters ready to shake up the business world. It's built for the pioneers—the innovators, the entrepreneurs, those in eCommerce and marketing who just can't sit still because they know there’s always a better way to do things. Here, we're all about collaboration. It's not just something we talk about; it's at the core of everything we create and do. Whether you're starting from scratch or you've got a business (or startup) that's picking up steam, loqol is like a growth accelerator, a place where your ideas get the right environment to sprout and thrive. You’re always just a conversation away from life-changing advice and strategies. And with weekly events, masterminds, and workshops, we're constantly feeding you the newest and best in business tactics and tech—straight to your brain. We offer tons of resources, too, all free, from exclusive courses to e-books designed to push you and your business to the front of the pack. Here, every day is a chance to grow, every interaction could lead to a breakthrough. If you're ready to up your game and meet others who are just as driven, you're in the right place.

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This is one of the best communities i have came across recently, the server is really active and has a ton of cool people. Kevon is also really active on making this server the best for everyone and that people dont face any issues with the server. Overall a really good server, worth joining!
- Saket
Loqol has been a remarkable discord server to be a part of for networking, co-working and other online business opportunities. Sometimes you just need a group of like minded people to bounce your ideas off of and this is it.
- Marc
This is the place to go to further develop your ideas and receive advice on various avenues of business. There's people in a variety of fields of entrepreneurship that will happily give both business growth as well as personal development advice. Whether you're looking to group think ideas or want advice on personal growth, this is the place to go.
- Michael
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