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This list of communities is dedicated to women who work in technology, or are interested in a career in tech. These communities focus on discussing technology topics, as well as professional advice on how to succeed as a woman in the technology sector.

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These communities have a live chat format where members can interact in realtime. Often times these communities have several channels or rooms for dedicated discussion.

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Women in Technology on slack
Our group is a safe, confidential space for women who work in technology to chat and support each other. Please consider joining us whether you are new to the tech industry or you are a long-time practitioner. Not a programmer? That’s fine! Our group does not exclude people who work in technical writing, software testing and QA, graphic design, user experience, project management, customer support, or other areas that are sometimes invisible in the discourse on women in tech.
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Girls Who Code on discord
Girls Who Code is an organisation that is working on bridging the gender gap in technology. Through this server you can connect with other girls/women from STEM doing amazing things!
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