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Joint Venture Club JVC is a Slack Group for Marketers and Founders with roughly 46 members. It has a live chat communication style.

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We are the coach in your corner Supercharge Your Sales How can I live my dream life, and have a business that funds it? There is only one way. Get into the ring. We've been in the ring, and can teach you how to stay alive, how to dodge the big hits, when to strike and most importantly, that you have support when things get tough. We are the coach in your corner, giving you clarity and strategy when you can’t think straight, the voice of reason when you’re frustrated and the voice in your ear telling you to get up off the canvas when you’re down. Whether it’s delegating, hiring, sales or marketing battles, we’ve been there - and done that. The real battle is in your mind and not giving up on your dream. It’s a lonely journey. But with 46 cool cats like you, from Los Angeles to Dubai, it's much, much less lonely. Welcome to the JVC.

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