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CultureBrained® is an online community for HR Professionals and Managers with roughly 50 members. It has both a forum and a live chat communication style.

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CultureBrained® is a one-of-a-kind, global community for Culture Leaders on a mission to make work synonymous with fun, meaning and belonging. It sets professional standards for culture practitioners, helps them accelerate progress towards the most important goals, tap into the collective wisdom of peers on the same journey and learn from world-class experts who appear on the CultureLab podcast. It focuses on answering the toughest, most unGoogleable questions about culture and solving wicked people problems that arise in the new era of work.

Established 2022
50 Members

Community Reviews

Culturebrained is a community where people are open and generous with sharing their knowledge and experience. I learn so much and get so inspired by being a member. Whenever I need help it is easy to reach out and other members are always willing to help out. The live sessions and fireside chats with experts in the field are so inspiring with practical examples and tools.
- Christine
I really enjoy being a member of the CultureBrained community. It is a great source for inspiration when it comes to how to work with workplace culture. The content is of very high quality and in a modern approach, so that it is super easy to read, use and implement. The community offer many different sources of knowledge and I enjoy to take advantages of the many possibilities.
- Mette
The CultureBrained community is a place to be vulnerable, to share your knowledge, to learn and to connect with other like-minded leaders. It's a wonderful space to get creative and evolve your practice as a people and/or culture professional.
- Dawn
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