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This list of communities is dedicated to writers of all kinds, from aspiring beginners to seasoned professionals.

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These communities cost money to join, which typically means that their members are very didicated to the topic at hand. These communities are more exclusive, but often times very high quality.

2 Writing communities that require payment to join

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Public Lab
Public Lab is the only private community dedicated to Building in Public. It brings together indie hackers, creators, and solopreneurs who care about authenticity and transparency in their building journey.
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The Next Big Writer
TheNextBigWriter, launched in 2005, combines a dynamic community of thousands of writers with cutting-edge tools, contests, classes, and communication to help members achieve their writing goals. By joining the site, you can: Receive Feedback. Post your writing and receive detailed feedback from other workshop members. Discover and Learn from Others. Discover, read, and critique the in-progress writing of other members. Help them and learn from the process. Leaving feedback isn't hard and we'll help you. Connect with Other Writers. Meet and connect with other writers to share information, tips, and make friends. Some have even found love amidst reading and reviewing. Get Motivated. Enter contests and challenges like the Strongest Start Competition to keep you motivated to write and edit. Keep Control. Posting on the site keeps your writing within our password environment. You can restrict it further or open it up to the entire Internet for more exposure if you choose.
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