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Updated 2023-08-13

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Discover a world of dice, strategy, and endless fun through our curated list of online communities for board games enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned tabletop tactician or just dipping your toes into the captivating realm of board games, these communities offer a haven for discussion, advice, and camaraderie. From sprawling Reddit forums where you can find reviews, rules clarifications, and game recommendations, to focused Discord servers offering real-time game matching and video tutorials, the variety is as diverse as the games themselves. Some communities cater to specific genres like Eurogames or party games, while others delve into the realm of miniature wargaming or classic reprints. Whether you're seeking opponents for an epic game of Twilight Imperium or seeking insights on the latest strategy in Catan, these online board game communities provide the perfect platform to connect with fellow enthusiasts, share experiences, and deepen your love for the tabletop realm.