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ShipFast is a Discord Server for Founders and Programmers with roughly 303 members. It has a live chat communication style.

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A private community of makers who ship startups, FAST!

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ShipFast is a boilerplate to help you ship your startup faster without worrying about setting up the usual stuff (db, emails, etc.) from scratch. Hence, the ShipFast Discord is essentially full of people with the same goal - to ship fast! :D Marc is super active in adding new modules to the boilerplate. People in the community request for a feature, and you see it added to the boilerplate within a day or two. The community is also very helpful. Ofcourse, Marc addresses all your doubts and queries, but you see the community members stepping in too to share their learnings and help each other out. The best part though is you get to see some amazing products built using the boilerplate. And that too in record time. To be in the company of such makers motivates you to ship your product faster too! Highly recommend to be a part of such environment!
- Wahab

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