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PitchBase is a Slack Group for Founders and VCs with roughly 90 members. It has a live chat communication style.

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PitchBase is an exclusive, dynamic hub that caters to the needs of serious, post-seed stage startup founders, operators, and executives, empowering them with unique insights and a platform for accelerated growth. Standing apart from conventional early-stage startup communities, PitchBase prides itself on its unique focus on the intricate nuances of advanced entrepreneurship – from perfecting product-market fit and fundraising from prestigious VCs, to scaling operations and achieving operational excellence.

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Whether you're a startup stalwart scaling the heights, a unicorn jockey riding the next big thing, or a VC Viking charting the tumultuous investment seas, PitchBase is your ultimate compass. This extraordinary Slack community is a vibrant melting pot of entrepreneurial brilliance, offering answers to your most pressing conundrums.
- Isabella
From the get-go, PitchBase feels like entering a lively virtual town square, bustling with founders and VCs eager to share knowledge, insights, and celebrate each other's wins. But it's not just about text chats; we're about breathing life into dreams and ideas! The live webinars and video meetings are an absolute treasure trove of knowledge. Spanning a wide range of topics, they offer in-depth insights and fresh perspectives. And as an AI enthusiast, I found their dedicated sessions on AI particularly riveting.
- Ana
It's like a vibrant hub, filled with founders and VCs all eager to support and grow together. This isn't just a chat group, but a focused platform where serious entrepreneurs share insights and ideas in real time, helping each other solve problems on the fly. I love how PitchBase cuts to the chase, helping us perfect our product fit, navigate VC funding, and scale operations. It's like having an all-access pass to the big league! I would say, It's a must-join for any ambitious founder.
- Ogie
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