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About the community is an online community for Photographers with roughly 1K members. It uses a forum format for communication.

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On, we allow fellow photographers to connect with like-minded artists, learn more about their craft, and find daily inspiration from our content. We share daily articles, host a podcast, and offer high-quality courses.

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9 is dedicated to their members. They are constantly seeking feedback on new changes and things that can be improved. The amount of activity on the site is growing rapidly and the same integrity is still being maintained. They are well on their way to greatness. The members are all polite, knowledge, and patient. The support for growth is strong and there is never a dull moment. I would recommend this community for someone looking to join a big photography movement full of talent and inspiration.
- Perrin
It is a welcoming community that provides a variety of impressive photography educational content. There are skills to be learned regardless of what level in your photography career you are.
- Rylan offers an excellent set of features, including a message board, news feeds, activity page, and a lot more. It's like a social media site for photographers. Members post photos and get feedback, read blogs and articles, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. It's a great website for photographers who want to learn more about the art and business of photography and people who want to share their experience and knowledge with others.
- Daniel
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