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Photography Lounge is a Discord Server for Artists and Photographers with roughly 18K members. It has both a forum and a live chat communication style.

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Discord Partnered Community striving to create a welcoming and inclusive space for Photographers to share their work, get thoughtfully critiqued, and have a great time.

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Established 2020
18K Members

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Photography Lounge has been led by an incredible volunteer team for over two years now and members clearly respond to their moderation and guidance. It's great to see the community flourish :)
- Ari
If you're looking for a community of photographers, no matter their experience. This is the perfect place for you. Engage in discussion about important topics regarding photography, share photos, get critiques on your photos, and give critiques. If you are the quiet type and have difficulty making friends or engaging in social activity, this server will be amazing for you. With such a large community it is guaranteed you find your group within this large group.
- Mark
Probably the only server with chats as active as they are, and probably the only server with some of the highest levels of photographers. Definitely a great place to learn, to chat and find out whatever you want relating to Photography. Also, there is a fair few members who like chess, which is like a mini community in of itself!
- Robert
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This community has a forum


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