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HighStrike Trading Room is a Discord Server for Stock Investors and Stocks with roughly 10K members. It has a live chat communication style.

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Here’s why the HighStrike Trading Room is the fastest growing trading community on the planet: Access to our private Discord group and trading community of 10,000+ traders from 142 different countries A watchlist of 3-6 stocks or options daily Live daily video trade walkthroughs from funded traders Daily forex trades Live Q&A zoom calls weekly 100+ hours of training videos Collaborate directly with our funded traders Share trade ideas and get feedback from funded traders Ask our trading instructors and mentors any questions related to trading Participate in the fastest growing trading community available We’ve helped more than 10,000 traders from 142 different countries.

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Love the alerts. I’m a beginner with options but because I’m so experienced with shares trading, it was very easy to learn and adapt right away! Ben is an awesome trader too.
- Mathew
I started trading back in 2016 and for years I had been struggling to be consistent and profitable. Come 27th of May, 2021, the whole game changed. Ever since joining HighStrike, from May to September, I had reached the level of trading that I had struggled so much to reach in 5 years, within 4 months! I purchased their course, and joined the signals group, which is GOLD. I'm talking about being able to understand which style of trading worked for me, different ways to analyze the market through technical analysis techniques, how to ADAPT to the market which is crucial. Most of all I learned that you don't really need all these indicators to be successful in trading, all you need is price action because price action is king! Most of all the "get your money's worth" comes from the community. The HighStrike community is there to help you grow, the members are not selfish, they cut any negativity really quick, and if you're ever having a bad day they are there to hear you out. Thanks to Clayton, and Cam (the admins from the signal group), for all the help and knowledge. Thank you HighStrike, y'all have taught this man to fish for a lifetime.
- Aaron
I’ve been with highstrike for so long now. I finished their course first, which helped me a lot in my trading. The day they announced their discord group, I think I was one of the first ones to join and that was the best decision I’ve ever made. I work full time and sometimes it’s so hard to find good plays but their watchlist every morning—before the markets open—is great. Their hit rate is just amazing! Clayton, Cam, Nate, Sage are the people who are really active in this group and helping so many others—like me—to achieve their goals. I have never been this profitable since I’ve joined highstrike.. thank you for everything.. highly recommended!
- Chetan

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