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Disruptive Investments is a Discord Server for Stock Investors and Crypto Investors with roughly 909 members. It has a live chat communication style.

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We help teach those about investing in stocks, options, and cryptocurrency through video courses, powerpoint courses, CLUBHOUSE, and private zoom video chats.

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Established 2020
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This community is a great community. We are always updated on the most recent financial information and we are taught so much in a very easy to understand way. We learn about how the markets and candles work. We do chart reviews on different assets but focus more on the S&P 500. I have been a member since early 2022 and no matter the asset, indicies, gold, oil or crypto, we go through it thoroughly. We have daily setups that we go over and we learn new strategies. I invested in myself by learning with this community and I would recommend anyone who is serious about changing their financial future to join our community. ☺️
- Alexandrea

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