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About the EVCA community

EVCA is a Slack Group for VCs with roughly 850 members.

In their own words

The Emerging Venture Capitalists Association (EVCA) was founded in 2017 as the primary community for the pre-partner venture capital investor. Our highly-curated membership of over 750 investors represent a diverse group of institutional, micro VCs, and corporate venture funds from across the United States. The community is organized on Slack, with 40+ channels dedicated toward discussing industry verticals, co-investment opportunities, career planning, community service, and personal interests.

On Slack
Established 2017
850 Members

Community Features


This community does not have a forum


This community has a realtime chat


This community does not require an application to join


This community sets up 1:1 pairing between its members


This community does not have discounts and perks for its members


This community hosts offline events and meetups


This community has an email newsletter of related content


This community has a job board or provides career networking opportunities


This community does not require a paid membership