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Earth Friendly Food Choices is a Facebook Group for Diet with roughly 15K members.

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Welcome to Earth Friendly Food Choices! We're working to help create a healthier, sustainable, compassionate and peaceful planet by helping folks take their next step toward a healthy, plant-sourced diet, composed primarily of whole or minimally processed foods. Our aim is to make our group a fun, friendly, welcoming place for everyone, especially those who are just getting started. Animal advocacy is welcome on our page, but images of graphic violence are not. We allow some leeway, but ask that posts be at least broadly related to food, plant-based nutrition, or diet and lifestyle change. Please keep all exchanges courteous and respectful. Recipes for healthy and tasty plant-based dishes are welcome. But recipes with animal products, such as dairy, eggs, gelatin, mayonnaise, or honey, will be deleted, as will marketing posts for products or services not directly tied to our mission. Petitions may occasionally be allowed, but most will not.There’s a broad consensus among health and nutrition professionals that vegans should regularly take a B-12 supplement for optimal health. We agree. There's a helpful "search" button, in the column to the left, for finding discussions on a topic of your choice. Thanks again for joining us, and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We wish you well!

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Established 2012
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