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This list of communities is perfect for those looking to find product management advice, resources, training, courses, jobs, and inspiration. Whether you are interested in a career in product, or are a seasoned vet looking to give back to the community, you are sure to find a group for you in this list here.

About Online Communities on Independent Platforms

These are online communities that are hosted on their own platform, and not a part of a social network like Reddit/Facebook/LinkedIn, or communication platform like Slack and Discord. Although they may utilize community software like circle.so to implement the features of their community, they have their own brand and identity.

2 Independent Communities for Product Managers

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Product Management Insider
Product Management Insider is the premier publication and community for product managers on Medium. Since launching in 2017, we’ve published 400+ articles submitted by 50+ contributors, and have grown to nearly 15,000 followers. In addition to publishing new articles each week on Medium, we share top product management jobs and events at productmanagementinsider.com and via our weekly email newsletter.
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Roadmap.com logo
We created Roadmap.com for product teams and innovators. We have spent our careers building and marketing products and always wanted a place where we could connect with like-minded entrepreneurial people. This site provides a forum for you to share what you know and get insights from many of the world’s best product managers and product marketers.
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25 Product Management communities on other platforms

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