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This list of communities is dedicated to discussing a single company, brand, or business entity.

About Online Communities on Independent Platforms

These are online communities that are hosted on their own platform, and not a part of a social network like Reddit/Facebook/LinkedIn, or communication platform like Slack and Discord. Although they may utilize community software like circle.so to implement the features of their community, they have their own brand and identity.

2 Independent Communities

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If you’re looking for help with a specific SEO-related question, we have a really awesome community forum full of SEO professionals who offer advice based on their many years of experience.
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At Buffer, we know that amazing things happen when people talk and connect with each other. It’s how we learn new skills, hear different perspectives, receive support from others, grow as people, and feel like we belong. This is why we build community at Buffer. The Buffer Community is an amazing group of supportive, positive, and smart Buffer users from over 100 countries around the world, who are full of knowledge about social media, marketing, and growing awesome brands. We tend to be generous with emojis, GIF-happy, and pro exclamation mark.
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