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SheWrites is an online community for Writers with roughly 34K members.

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She Writes is the largest online community and content site for women writers at every stage of their writing lives, working in every genre and representing every generation – all around the world. Founded by Kamy Wicoff in 2009, She Writes supports, encourages and educates writers, providing them with a place that is both inspirational and practical. In 2012, in response to the barriers to traditional publishing for women, Kamy and Brooke Warner founded She Writes Press, the hybrid publishing arm of She Writes. To date, She Writes Press has signed more than 200 authors and is the most award-winning hybrid publisher in the industry. In 2014, She Writes became part of SparkPoint Studio, an innovative, female-led digital, publicity, marketing and content agency led by CEO Crystal Patriarche.

Established 2009
34K Members

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