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Poetry Vibe is an online community for Poets with roughly 3K members. It uses a forum format for communication.

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The only place on the planet for the best in urban poetry and hip-hop poetry. Poetry Vibe was born from something that can easily be explained but not easily understood. With any great creation, there is a sacrifice that needs to be paid and it will be paid by the visitors to the vibe. We want your hearts to flat line. We want your richest deepest expression of who you are and how you see the world because we are hoping for one truly special thing to happen. We are hoping that your words will be read and in some way move someone to action, to feeling, to purpose, or better yet, move you to find your action, your feeling, or your purpose. This site is about a nephew and his uncle who thought it was a great idea to create a site about the thing we love. We use it to tell stories, to help us understand how other people tell their stories, to connect and inspire and at the end of the day, it does something very special. It brings us peace. We can say that we never held on to the words. We let them out in the universe for the universe to answer our calls. And no matter what answer we receive, we still have our faith that we did the right thing. We want the same faith from you. We want you to understand that your words have feelings, that you being part of another poets words has meaning. That we are all here because we are a part of something. The better word to use for it is a "movement." The poets will always stand tall because they understand that alone they can defeat one, two, or three men but with the right words, they can change the world. So we have only one small request of you. Change the world! Join the vibe!

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