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Open Humans is a Slack Group for Quantified Self Trackers with roughly 12K members. It has a live chat communication style.

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Open Humans is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities around their personal data, to explore and share for the purposes of education, health, and research. We want to help people access and understand their personal data, and to help them do and share things that use that data. For individuals, we have community support for self-research, tools for personal data access, and data analysis notebooks you can run in your browser. For communities, we make it easy to choose to share your data withgroup studies and activities. We provide the same features to researchers and citizen scientists alike: all members can adapt and share new data analysis notebooks, as well as create new group activities & tools for data import. All of this makes Open Humans a vibrant community: 11982 members have joined, and 54 tools & activities are running on the site. There is no single user profile: we are researchers; patients; data scientists; citizen scientists; any and all people who want to learn more about themselves. We invite you to meet others in our community Slack chat!

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