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Jika.io is an online community for Stock Investors and Stocks with roughly 200 members. It uses a forum format for communication.

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Jika.io is a social platform for retail stock investors to share insights and portfolio-based conversations. The platform allows users to link real portfolios, get real-time and alternative data on stocks, engage and participate in discussions, and research companies' fundamentals.

Established 2021
200 Members

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I use this platform as my main social stock trading platform. One of the things that sets it apart from other platforms is that everyone knows everyone, and that you can access each other's real portfolios. It makes it super convenient for me to understand who is legit and who isn't. The quality of the discussion in the community is great, I'm not a fan of memes so I love the fact that it's a more high-level serious conversations. Overall, I highly recommend Jika.io to anyone interested in social stock trading. It's a fantastic platform with a ton of useful features and a great community.
- Yoel

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