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.Developers is a Discord Server for Programmers with roughly 3K members. It has a live chat communication style.

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We are .developers, a discord community formed mainly around programming with the purpose of bringing like-minded people together. Before you decide if we are your cup of tea, let me tell you a little bit about us: We had 4 meetings in different parts of Europe since the server had launched almost 4 years ago! We mostly hang out in #general chat, where we talk about life, its good and bad aspects. Some of us have been here for so long we know a little bit too much about each other! We have dedicated channels for the most used programming languages where you can bring your code and we can discuss, debug or improve it! If you are a newcomer to the field and need some help, or someone with experience looking to meet like-minded people and discuss tech, why not give it a try!

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Established 2017
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