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About the College Confidential community

College Confidential is an online community for Students with roughly 1.5M members.

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Join the world’s largest college-focused community. With millions of users each year, and over 22 million posts across thousands of topics, CC is the place you can turn to with questions. Whether you’re looking for tips on getting into your dream school, info on academic programs, or recommendations for the best schools for vegans, our community of students, alumni, professionals, parents — or even your future classmates — has answers.

1.5M Members

Community Features


This community has a forum


This community does not have a realtime chat


This community does not require an application to join


This community does not set up 1:1 pairing between its members


This community does not have discounts and perks for its members


This community does not host offline events and meetups


This community has an email newsletter of related content


This community does not have an associated job board


This community does not require a paid membership