Community Overview

CFO Chat is a Slack Group for Finance.

In their own words

In this free Slack community, CFOs provide and receive expert advice and support to advance their careers and expand their networks. Within minutes you can gain access to curated content, resources, job opportunities and more. We created CFO Chat because we wanted to bring the same type of community that's widely available for startup founders into the finance space. For years, startup founders have had a large selection of Slack communities and Facebook groups to choose from to share ideas, ask questions, and network with other founders. Now, with CFO Chat, finance experts can do the same with other finance experts.

Community Features


This community does not have a forum


This community has a realtime chat


This community does not require an application to join


This community does not set up 1:1 pairing between it's members


This community does not have discounts and perks for it's members


This community does not host offline events and meetups


This community does not have an associated newsletter


This community has a job board or provides career networking opportunities


This community does not require a paid membership