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America’s National Parks is a Facebook Group for Travelers with roughly 94K members. It uses a forum format for communication.

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This is a group for lovers of all 400+ National Park Service sites and is managed by the hosts of the America's National Parks Podcast (you can find the show on most podcast apps or at You may be political in this group as long as it A) relates directly to the NPS and B) remains civil. Sharing links in this group, including personal blogs and YouTube videos IS allowed for ACTIVE members. An active member is defined as someone who is in the group for at least two months and during that time is commenting, share non-promotional posts, and interacting with the group. Once active, all personal links must include conversation-starting text ("Check out my latest blog" is not acceptable). Members must not abuse link sharing, and be involved in an active discussion of the post. Let's keep profanity out of the group. We're all adults, and most of us use it from time to time, but little eyes are often looking over our shoulders. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an admin. We are more than happy to help. Thanks!

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