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A+ Picks VIP is a Discord Server for Professional Sports Fans, Hoops Fans, Sports Bettors, Hockey Fans, Baseball Fans, and Football Fans with roughly 6K members. It has a live chat communication style.

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Welcome to the ultimate sports betting community! We're a tight-knit group of sports enthusiasts who are dedicated to winning big against the bookies. Our community is packed with unique sports betting bots and tools that give you the edge you need to beat the odds and make some serious cash. Whether you're an experienced bettor or just starting out, our community has something for everyone!

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Great discord you will 1000% make money using their picks
- Charles
These boys be dialed in. Just like everybody there are days where Vegas decides to screw everybody, but NHL, NBA, College sports, MMA, and NFL (the most rigged sport there is) they be dialed in.
- Dean
Not only will you make profit off the picks, but will learn very important betting strategies and habits to be able to create your own parlays and stay profitable. The information and tips you learn, in my opinion, is the most valuable part about joining! The community is very active and entertaining. You will make back what you paid for the membership right away and meet some great people too!
- Alann

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This community has a realtime chat


This community has discounts and perks for its members (potentially for a cost)


This community hosts offline events and meetups


This community has a paid membership level

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