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The software development industry is an ever-changing beast. Every year new programming languages emerge, new technologies hit the market, and existing languages and technologies are either left behind or completely re-imagined. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when you’re new to the industry — your skills are too outdated to help you land a job, but they’re not modern enough to help you keep one. Software developers are always looking to learn more about their craft, but they don’t always know where to look. This is a list of communities dedicated to engineers, software developers, coders, and hackers. Some are online communities dedicated to a particular technology or programming language, and some are general purpose communities or those that help developers early in their career. The communities on this list are an excellent source of inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and networking.

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These communities offer discounts, services, or products to their members, either for free or for a cost. Sometimes this requires purchasing a bundle, which contains a set of services/products at a reduced cost than usual.

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Changelog on slack
From San Francisco to Berlin and everywhere in between, developers around the world trust Changelog to deliver the best news and podcasts for developers. Our community and content is in every corner of the globe. Connect with like-minded developers from all over the world. Hang with us and Slack in realtime during our live shows. Be the first to hear about upcoming shows and projects. This is your all-access pass to everything we do.
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Qvault on discord
A place to collaborate about software development and computer science
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