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This list of communities is perfect for those looking to find product management advice, resources, training, courses, jobs, and inspiration. Whether you are interested in a career in product, or are a seasoned vet looking to give back to the community, you are sure to find a group for you in this list here.

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These communities offer discounts, services, or products to their members, either for free or for a cost. Sometimes this requires purchasing a bundle, which contains a set of services/products at a reduced cost than usual.

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Creators of Products is a community of professionals who build/manage products. The members belong to a diverse set of roles - Product Managers, Founders, CXOs, Designers, Consultants, Aspiring creators etc., and they come from different domains. This community requires no application to join, and there is no fee involved anywhere. The community is available on Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. With over 500 people actively engaging in the Slack community on a weekly basis. Web Links - Slack - https://creatorsofproducts.com/join/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/CreatorsOfProd LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/creatorsofproducts/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/CreatorsofProducts/
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