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NOWAI is a Discord Server for AI Art with roughly 3K members. It has a live chat communication style.

In their own words

Explore your imagination. Make creativity more collaborative and fun. Get inspired and connect with others through your ideas, style and ingenuity. NOWAI is a web3 brand aiming to provide creative freedom through high-quality AI image generation.

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Established 2023
3K Members

Community Reviews

I absolutely love NOWAI. The community is always helpful and the admin are friendly. The AI is on point. I'd rank it as equal to the other popular image generation tech. The weekly contests are always fun.
- Chris
The community of NOWAI is always very kind, helpful and just great. The communication with the team is great and the product is absolutely mind-blowing.
- Frank
It's a great community with great staff members always there to help you with anything you need. The content you can create is awesome. Great quality images and freedom to create whatever you want from cats to nsfw.
- Mark
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Community Features


This community has a realtime chat


This community has discounts and perks for its members (potentially for a cost)


This community has a crypto token

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