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MetaBlox is a Discord Server for NFT Collectors and Web3 Developers with roughly 3K members. It has a live chat communication style.

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MetaBlox is building a free, decentralized WiFi Network that is accessible from around the world. The network is decentralized because it uses Decentralized-Identity (DID)-based credentials that are verified on the blockchain in a mining process. These credentials are verified on the blockchain by a collection of network nodes, so users’ data is kept off the central servers of third-party authenticators or ISPs.The blockchain nodes conducting these verifications are routers which function as WiFi access points. Since these routers verify on-chain credentials to establish WiFi connections, they issue $MBLX tokens.

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Established 2022
3K Members

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This community has a realtime chat


This community hosts offline events and meetups


This community has a crypto token

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